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I love Peru


Hidden Treasures - Magnificent History

Amazing Landscapes - Ancient Cultures

Exquisite Gastronomy - Colorful Traditions




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China is a country of contrasts, with fabulous architecture and 4,000 years of ancient history.


It is almost a continent. In the north, you can walk in Siberian forests, in the south you will find the jungle and subtropical bathing beaches, and in the west, endless sandy deserts. In between, you have a lot of minorities, some of whom have completely different lifestyles.


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At the venetian carnival People with colorful hand-made masks, as well as half-masks and elegant costumes, stroll through the city. There the party continues late into the night. But that was not always the case, because in 1797 the carnival was banned by Napoleon Bonaparte. Federico Fellini's film Casanova caused a revival of the Venetian Carnival in the 70s, which we enjoy today.


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Morocco is an incredible beautiful country, rich in terms of culture and traditions.

Moroccan people are distinguished by the amazing harmony between Berbers, Arabs and Jews, as well as their hospitality and kindness.

Morocco is vibrant history,

intense colors, a feast for the senses,

just unforgettable!




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